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Our History

    The company was founded in 1952 by Pandelis Kiroglou,in a place of 60 square meters in the center of Piraeus. That days the main occupation of the company was the electroplating of baby carriages. In 1976 the company moved its facilities to a bigger space of 350 s.m. in the Piraeus also. Later the company converted into a family company with the involvement of Giannis Toutountzis. At the end of 1986 Pandelis' nephews Giannis and Xristos Toutountzis will take over the business expand it. The two brothers' main goal was to fully satisfy the needs of their costumers, through the high standard services that they provided. In 1998 the company move again to bigger and batter facilities in Magoula Attikis. Some years later the two associates decide to make a huge investment for their company. They decided to build new facilities and equip it with brand new automated machines which constitute one of the biggest and most modern factories in Europe. The new factory started operating in February 2008 under the name of Helco Metal.


    In the photos below you are able to see our facilities that we work in, as well as the ultramodern electroplating machine. The supervision of the automated line happens by the softwares CYCLIC, MULTIPROGRAMMING and THINKING which are in artificial intelligence level. These softwares combined with the automated line help to have perfect outcame with all the parts that we process and in addition to that the possibilities of errors minimize effectively.


       The main occupation of our company is electroplating. Our electroplating is electrolyticon metalic parts such as iron, bronze, aluminum and Zamak. The types of plating are the following:

•  Copper Plating

      In copper plating a layer of copper is created on the surfase of the part by using electricity, which helps for the uniformity and the brightness so as to continue with the prosedure of the nickel plating. Copper plating is also essential for parts made of zamak.

•  Nickel Plating

      In nickel plating a layer of nickel is created on the surface of the part so as to make the metal more durable but also to make it brighter too. After that we will continue with the procedure of bronze plating or chrome plating.

•  Chrome Plating

      In chrome plating through an electrolytic prosedure a thin layer of crome covers the metalic part. Crome offers great appearance, as well as corrosion resistance.

•  Bronze Plating

      In bronze plating a thin layer of bronze cover the metal parts and make them extraordinary shiny and durable in time. The electropalting of the parts is done by the automated electroplating machine and this is the reason why the quality is so high and there is uniformity among the parts that we process. It is also remarkable to mention that the machine's production capacity exceeds the ordinary levels so the parts are deliverd within te requested timeline.


       Through the years, we have developed the procedures of the electroplating of every metal or alloy require so as to reach the high standard result that every customer needs.Electroplating can offer many beneffits that can help you improve the quallity of your products and aqcuire a competitive position in the market.

Creates a protective layer Many types of electroplating create a layer that protects from the atmospheric conditions such as corrosion. The protected parts will withstand more in severe situations and they will not need any replacement.

Reinforce the apperance The manufacturers do have an emonomicaly efficient way to make theyr products appealing.

Minimizes the friction The nickel finishing decrease the concentration of friction in some materilas such as electric connectors.

Withstand the heat The plating proceedures such as gold or zinc-nickel can withstand very high temperatures. The finishing with these metals protect the processed parts from the damage that may be caused by the high temperature.

Increase of hardness Electroplating is also used so as to convert one fragile material to a harder one.

Prevents the stains some types os plating protect the metals from stains and they help not to deteriorate and lose their appealing appearance.



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